Arm Candy

Truth be told..

I bought my first LV bag..I finally took the plunge to don the goodies at the House of Louis Vuitton. After days of constant whining and blabbering, Beibei told me to go buy it..Just like that.Maybe he wants me to stop talking or maybe he just want the best for me..Seriously.

As I entered LV at Mall of the Emirates, I felt like the bags were talking to me..I really like the  Multicoloure Trouville but I realized it was too fancy for me..

I finally got the LV Damier Speedy 25 – my new Arm Candy. The bag suits me well. The size, style and color. For me, this is classy.

**Whilst at LV, I saw a familiar face and approached her if she is Nicollette Bell – well indeed she is. She is one of Philippines ramp and print model. She asked my opinion if she would go for the Monogram Speedy or Damier Speedy. I, being the fashionista wannabe, told her to go for the Damier too..And she did..


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