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Eye Cream to the test & Entourage

   ‘Got only a few hours of sleep. Mi Mama is asking ’bout the raccoon eyes already.. I’ve been using Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream that promises to transform and revitalize the area around the eye. No dramatic results as of press time … Continue reading

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Not so fine day.

I chose to name this blog “One Fine Day” as I would like everything in my life to be on a positive note and shy away from anything negative..But today, is an exception. Boy, I’m so mad, irate & furious … Continue reading

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   Being away from home makes you miss all the important events, holidays and occassions especially during Lenten Season. Today is Holy Wednesday and I’m still working. Good thing that in Arab culture, the birth of Prophet Mohammed falls on a Thursday-for us Christians it’s Maundy Thursday meaning … Continue reading

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The kind of shoes I am.

You Are Loafers You are confident, powerful, and successful. Hard working and business like, you always dress and act appropriately.You are consistent and a bit conservative. You aren’t really susceptible to trends, although you always dress well. While you tend … Continue reading

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A call from Atlantis

I’ve got a call..yup..not just any other call..somebody’s offering a job!! wohooo… yup, i’m still marketable..actually, it’s the third call and interview I got from the same company (I went to all sorts-orientation, interview, examination-of which i was the highest … Continue reading

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A night with the Ghost

          MA & I just watched the 12th episode of Ghost Whisperer Season3, since after the writer’s strike, 6 new episodes shall be released this coming April. I just can’t wait to watch it again though most of the time … Continue reading

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