A night with the Ghost

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MA & I just watched the 12th episode of Ghost Whisperer Season3, since after the writer’s strike, 6 new episodes shall be released this coming April. I just can’t wait to watch it again though most of the time i feel so terrified and feel goosebumps especially when Melinda tries to seek the ghosts by herself. I wish Jim will be there to accompany her.

They say GH’s story lines were predictable as it starts with the haunting of the troubled ghosts with unfinished business that keeps them eathbound until Melinda tries to locate the family in order to help her piece together what happened when the ghost was still alive or during the time of death to finally help them understand and “crossover” into the light.

From season1 to 3, I find it quite intruiging (not only Melinda’s wardrobe choices) as each episode has its own twists and it leads to Melinda’s discovery of herself and their life in Grandview. As always, I love how Jim supports Melinda with her “Gift” and how Melinda tries to help Jim get away with guilt on ep. “First do no harm”. Aside from friendship, family and relationship issues; I look forward on how Jim & Melinda handles their own marital situations. It’s very ideal, refreshing and heartwarming how they complement each other. As they say in marriage, you really have to grow with your partner to make things work.

Do you think its cool to see ghosts? I think i will just go nuts if i see one. Just the thought of having a ghost attached to me makes me  so scared, what more if i actually see one. I pretty much enjoyed this one and looking forward to see the upcoming episodes, goodthing thing there’ll be a Season4.

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3 Responses to A night with the Ghost

  1. destinyhope says:

    i have a connfessin i can see sprits and i talk to them this is true i got kit from my great great grandmother…

  2. riley shay says:

    really thats really cool

  3. destinyhope says:

    no its not its scary and i get spooke most of the time i saw my dead grandma a, kid who recently died at my school, and a nother sprit nearly hurt the lead in my schools production of Crazy For You therefor im not always okay with it but i do the best i can i do what i have to do…

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