Not so fine day.

I chose to name this blog “One Fine Day” as I would like everything in my life to be on a positive note and shy away from anything negative..But today, is an exception. Boy, I’m so mad, irate & furious today..I wanted to scream and then have a quiet moment to myself and cave in..Not in the mood for work..

Grabbed my Ipod and got lost in tunes. I got Storm by Lifehouse playing. In some ways, the lyrics were heartfelt.

       ” I know you didn’t bring me out here to drown
         So why am I ten feet under and upside down
         Barely surviving has become my purpose
         Because I’m so used to living underneath the surface.”

       “And I will walk on water
        And you will catch me if I fall
        And I will get lost into your eyes
        And everything will be all right
        And everything will be all right.”

Time to ponder..Life sometimes ain’t fair.

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