My Own McDreamy=Ryan Gosling

yea, it’s true, the best things in life are free.

Ryan Gosling and I had a thing. He introduced me with his parents and same with me. We were discussing about how we would call each other, like babe, sweet, honey…And he was really sweet that night.He has this look that makes you weak, voice that makes you want to listen and snuggle in the couch all day, eyes full of emotions, a body that you can linger to and a smile that says everything’s going to be alright..

Poof….I realized I was dreaming. The alarm went on and damn it. I was really pissedI don’t want to go out of bed still as I am savouring every tinnie tiny details of our brief affair…..Haha, nice try…I was on my best mood that day esp. in the office. I was smiling all day and I can’t stop Googling Ryan Gosling. I checked on his bio, photos, movies and all sorts. Mind you, nagtatrabaho din po ako. I’m online if I have the luxury of time to do it. Pero, it was Ryan’s day..I’ve looked every article of him on the web. OMG, I realized I was a stalker that day..You can ask me anything about him even trivial things. He joined Mickey Mouse Club together with JT, BS and CA and now he has a band named Dead Man’s Bones. You can sample their singles at their myspace site. They don’t have an album yet but he says someday they will. I’m still finding for ways to get hold of his two singles to put in my Ipod and I’m seriously watching every movie that he made.

Ryan is so hot, sexy and one smart guy. He’s definitely in my Notebook. I can go on forever about Ryan Gosling but one thing is for sure..

Ryan is my MCDREAMY…..

You can read more of Ryan gosling at

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2 Responses to My Own McDreamy=Ryan Gosling

  1. amberscivicque says:

    oh my word yes he is so handsome! wait. so did he break up with rachel mcadams??? why??

  2. Minette says:

    hi amber..

    I can say he is enigmatic. they’ve split and you can read the article featured in the Nov. ’07 GQ Magazine. Here’s the link

    tnx for dropping by..

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