Weight of what was

The “weight of what was” is actually a Ghost Whiperer episode title. For me, somehing else haunts me..My weight!! Yup, tried to weigh myself the other day and I was shocked! Really shocked at what came out. I gained so much weight. I remember before I got pregnant I only weighed 85lbs. having such a petite frame and I weighed 125lbs. until I gave birth. I immediately lost that pounds and from then on I was 95lbs. until the day I weighed myself..102lbs..

Now, how can I lost that extra pounds since I really can’t last a day without rice and with my personal chef (aka Mi Amour) cooking I don’t think I can do it.  But I guess I’ll start eating healthy this time by:

-consume half a cup of rice only

-drink lots of water

-fruit juice instead of soda, tea and coffee

-cut down on meat opt for fish and veggies

-fruits for dessert instead of chocolates

-muesli instead of fudge brownies (Mi amour’s specialty, oh my gosh!)

And this weekend, I will check some running shoes. I’ll start by jogging my way to slimville again as the bulges are coming to get me..

‘Gotta run..

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