Some kind of wonderful & a Bday

It was B.Bro’s bday last Tuesday. We had some dinner and booze at Jules Bar in Le Meridien Village.

with Stan (bday.boy)

Jules Bar Satisfaction Ratings:

Entertainment  = 5 stars

Domination Band kickstarted the night with R&B songs, still pleasant to the ears followed by Multivitamins Band. They were soo funny and we had a good laugh not to mention he made fun on the audience.

FOOD & BEVERAGE = 4 stars

We had the Mexican Platter, another platter that I forgot the name and Crispy Pata. They had Kilkenny’s for the booze (which by the way an Irich cream ale and has stonger taste)  and I tried the Apricot & Mango Martini followed by Smirnoff Ice and a tea which by the way is free as it was their Ladies Night.

Service = 3 stars

The service was pretty slow…slow…slow…We ask kabayan for our drinks  a whole lot…Really.

Overall, it was ok and we had fun. I even took photos of the couple who danced when their theme song (What a Wonderful World) was sung in upbeat sorta bossa version by the band. They were from New York having a vacation here in Dubai and I think they were in their seventies, isn’t that cool. They still get to date and enjoy life as a couple.

What a wonderful world…..


Top: Mango

Jeans: Bershka

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Earrings: Bamboo Hoop from Claire’s

Bag:  Coach Signature Demi Pouch

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