27 Bridesmaid Dresses

I’m in search of a bridesmaid dress at the moment since bestfriend T is getting married on December. She asked me to finalize what I have in mind since planning a wedding overseas is kind of hard. They’re currently residing in KSA and I am in Dubai, I’m afraid I will not have ample time for the fiitings as the wedding will be in the Philippines. I should have atleast a week to prepare and schedule fittings.

So it’s going to be a simple cut dress but elegant. She’s planning for an outdoor wedding and what I have in mind is a flowy and strapless dress with flower details and pickups on skirt. I’ll be posting 27 dresses I would love to wear so check back soon. For now, here’s what I have in mind. Hopefully, bff T will finally decide and approve it so I can start looking for the right accessories. 

Click on the pix to check the details.

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3 Responses to 27 Bridesmaid Dresses

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  2. You have some nice dresses.

  3. Minette says:

    thank you check out my new post, more nice dresses to choose from.

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