A picture is worth a thousand words

Mi Amour got his new baby, a Nikon D40x; there is a story behind how he got it but thanks to his colleague Jeff for allowing it to happen. I can’t describe Mi Amour’s excitement to finally having and rocking it. I got excited too that I printed out overview reading mats for me to navigate that intimidating gadget. He said that the first snap would be moi..bring it on! 🙂

As the infamous saying goesA picture is worth a thousand words.” 

This phrase has come a long way with different variations used by editors, writers, artists and philosophers. Essentially, every picture has its own story to tell. Think of Natalie Portman’s picture in the movie Closer. She was heartbroken when she asked to be photographed by Julia Roberts.


I like being photograped ever since I was a lil’ girl. I remember during my elementary days, we always go to this studio to have our pictures taken in soft lens (for blemish free look), then we would ask for blow up and wallet size copies for our friends with matching dedication ha. That was fun..But when you look at the pictures now with all that mega poses, that is what you call FUNNY!!! I really want to have my picture taken by a PRO as I really enjoyed the time posing for Joray Katigbak during our wedding. I hope I can have portraits that tells something extraordinary and full of character. So much that you can decipher the real me.

I hope Mi Amour captures stunning and enigmatic portraits so that everybody can have a look and define what is beyond the picture that incited him to snap.

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