All about Moi

‘Got this post at Friendster…Link me so I can know more about you too…Enjoy!

I AM….a dreamer, perfectionist, hard working and sometimes a worry wart.

I AM NOT…musically gifted

I WANT….to finally build the house as planned and do the Interior Design

I HAVE….a daughter back home who I missed so much

I WISH….that I can teleport or have thousands of airmiles to be with Isabel now

I HATE….liars, arrogant, free loaders and pretentious make believers

I FEAR….rodents, anything that crawls, gun,darkness

I SEARCH….for eternity..the rationale behind all things and how to live life the way you want it to be

I WONDER….if I would be 16 again & be making the right choices

I REGRET….being rebellious over nothing and not having taken education     seriously…being too critical when times were already difficult.

I LOVE….my Family & my Life’s journey

I ALWAYS….pray & thank God for everyday’s blessings

I DANCE….with my heart on my sleeves

I SING….while I’m driving and whenever I’m bored

I CRY….because I’m a Drama Queen

I WRITE….love letters and anything under the sun; names that I like

I WON….God’s grace & salvation; Mi Amour’s heart

I AM CONFUSED….on Mathematics

I NEED….a big time paycheck and a Hermes Kelly to go with all the cash

I SHOULD….start creating a financial portfolio; start planning & saving for our Holiday


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