The Holiday

I’m so looking forward to our annual vacation this coming December. I’m planning to call Emirates Airlines next week for our bookings to avoid the rush and high ticket prices (well, the company pays, so what the heck!).

Aside from BFF T’s wedding, which is going to be fun, my big sister’s family from Cali will spend the holidays sa ‘Pinas. So it’s kind of a reunion for us magkakapatid since my lil bro and I (with Mi Amour) is here in Dubai. We will head over down south to Boracay. I’ve emailed a couple of resorts already but no response yet. Then I’ve browsed Cebu Pacific for the P1 peso fare but no luck, tapos na pala ang promo. BFF T got lucky she managed to snag tickets on the last day.

Then off to the magical world of HK Disneyland via Macau. This one of course is for my lil girl, Isabel. She wants to meet Cinderella and Ariel, I hope she gets to see the Disney Princesses. Aside from HK tour, we get to see Macau’s historical sites and casinos. It is going to be a lot of planning (on schedule & finances) so as to get the best fares/hotels and a lot of shopping but not comprising our comforts naman.

This is going to be fun, sun, and magical holiday for us.

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2 Responses to The Holiday

  1. I was in Macau last month and in was great! I really think that macau is the next Vegas. I booked my macau hotel from
    If you want to go to macau use the macau ferry.

  2. Minette says:

    Hi macau travel guy,tnx for the tip. I heard that too. I hope I can get affordable hotels there.

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