Going ECO and Fashionable

Ever since Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m not a plastic bag” phenomenon, designer labels started launching their own versions of environment friendly bags. Organic, canvas, jute and reusable materials became the “IT” bag as a campaign to be aware of our surroundings.  

We go grocery shopping on a weekly basis at Carrefour and we pack atleast 7 plastic bags, so that’s a lot of plastics in a month.

I’d be making my small contribution from now on by using alternative grocery bags. One that is foldable and easy to tote around. Take you pick.

1. Totes with Quotes










2. String Market Bag – 100% SKAL certified organic cotton net.










3. Produce Bag – Made with lightweight organic cotton.









4. Gecko Koren Recycled Bag made from rice bags. Made in Vietnam.







5. This is my favorite. I asked my sister to get me one. It is made with heavyweight natural cotton. It reminds me of Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys song of the same title. Cool huh, I can’t to rock this bag.










By using these arm candies, you are not only contributing in saving the environment but making a statement and encouraging every fashionista to make it a Must Have in your bag collection. Remember, it doesn’t have to take a designer label to get your attention; these are priced reasonably and will not dent your pockets or fall in line for hours just to get them.

Love your Planet!!!



Photo Credits:

Photo 1-4 from http://www.ecobags.com/ 

Photo 5 from http://www.dogeared.com/


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2 Responses to Going ECO and Fashionable

  1. EcoGreenBags says:

    Great post. Reusable bags can cut down drastically on your plastic consumption, and they don’t have to be those blah ones that you find at the grocery store checkout line. If you have a huge collection of plastic bags that you’ve saved, you can turn them in at your local grocery store most of the time. Look near the can redemption center, or in between the sliding doors. If not, you can ask the front desk, they most likely have some place you can return them. They reuse them for their own plastic bags.

  2. Minette says:

    i’ll do check if they have redemtion centers. all I know is theat they sell these reusable bags now at the check out counters..thanks for the tip..and thanks for dropping by..

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