The Godfather Love

Last week, I finally got to watch Mario Puzo’s The Godfather 1, 2 & 3 and at the moment one of my favorite movies..It is a classic and one of American Film Institute’s Top 10 and tops Entertainment Weekly as the greatest film ever made.  This is not a review in any way since you can find it all over the net. I just want to write about my ongoing crush with Al Pacino aka Michael Corleone. He is really handsome and the dark look and expression that he has could make you believe every word that he has to say just like Kay did.  I envy Diane Keaton for his on/off relationship with him. Too bad they didn’t end up together. Everything in the movie was put together even the soundtrack. Now Mi Amour constantly hums “Speak Softly Love” & “Promise Me You’ll Remember.”  I would want to read the novel now and know more about Michael’s character because i think it is so “bitin” and I wonder why it took them so long (18 years since Part 1) to make the Part 3 since Michael is just starting to be the Godfather in Part 2. Anyways, I really can’t get enough of this movie. Every bit of this movie has story and landed on the famous list. I will definitely get the DVD box set soon..

This is one of the famous Michael Corleone quotes:

 “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

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