I **heart** Eraserheads..

I was in 3rd year high when a classmate gave me the ULTRAELECTROMAGNETICPOP album of Eraserheads as a Christmas present including a poster. I feel in love with the song Ligaya and Ely Buendia. Ive watched each concert they had in Olongapo & Subic then. It was also my lil Bro’s fave band and Markus even gave him his guitar pick as a souvenir and he had his Umbro shirt signed as well.

Now that they’ve spilled the beans on the upcoming concert reunion, hence the blind item E83008, the concert is FREE but you will enjoy them for only 45 mins..so sad and I wonder how crazy it will be when the lights go down and bid for their final song and goodbye.

Sayang.. sa vidieo ko na lng mapapanood… 😦

**pics: from www.rebelpixel.com

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One Response to I **heart** Eraserheads..

  1. d_gatekeeper says:

    kaysarap sariwain ang malayang, kahapon ang hirap isipin ang layo ng noon…

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