Elephant Charm

Few weeks back, I noticed my collegue ripping the HERMES ad page “Hermes Orange Indian Pink” in Emirates Woman issue. The ad campaign featured elephants painted artistically in orange & pink. She placed it beside her computer. Ajay another collegue from India noticed that and asked why she had the picture. She said she liked the color combination but all along I thought she liked the bag featured. He told her that placing it in front of you or just having it brings luck as the elephant is a strong symbol of luck.

Now I also have mine placed beside my computer hoping that it would bring forth additional luck in our lives. I like the bangles though and I’m planning to get one. Anyways, I guess it worked somehow since we got the good news I was telling about. Sigh, maybe the energy and luck trancends from me to Mi Amour since he has the one with the news.

This is my workstation..


and the Hermes bangle…

Back in ‘Pinas, an elephant shaped house is currently being built in Davao. The owner has a fascination with elephant though he said he hasn’t seen one in real life. It was said to have cost Php 3M!!!!

You may watch the video here as reported on GMA7 SAKSI.

Photo Credit: introspection



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