A new day has come

Today is September 1st.

My birth month.

The beginning of “ber” months.

The beginning of the holy month Ramadan.

And this is my first post.

The other day we were able to watch “When Love Begins.” The only thing that i liked about it was the soundtrack-One Hello as sung by Gary V.

Somehow I can relate to the song but not in a romantic way. I haven’t fully blogged about it but before the year ends, we are moving. We will leave Dubai and start anew in Oman. This time our family will be complete as Isabel is joining us overseas. Mi Amour got an offer that we can’t resist. He already resigned from his job last month and we’re just waiting for the visas to be processed before I quit my job.

We don’t know what’s in store for us but it is really a good thing and a blessing to our family.

If you’re not afraid
Of what love brings
Then endings are beginnings
Of beautiful things
Its a chance you’ll take
It’s a chance you’ll win
If someone’s gonna find you
First you gotta let them in
Remember my friend
Goodbyes not the end
Its a circle you know
And it starts with one hello

I’m really excited though with the idea of packing, moving and buying new stuff but most important it is not just the two of us anymore, Isabel will be here for good.

Note: I mentioned “This is my first post” for Blogger. I have a new spot to document our move to Oman. Please do check it.

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