6.1 Magnitude

OMG!! We just experienced an earthquake..6.1 Magnitude..the epicenter was Southern Iran but it was felt here in Dubai..I was on the phone talking with my collegue and I thought I was just having a headache that everything around me was spinning. I leaned at my desk and that’s when I realized it was an earthquake. My colleagues immediately went down. It was really scary.Some of them used the stairs while others waited to use the lift. We are in the 11th Floor. OMG!! Mi Amour immediately called me and asked me to go down right away. By the way, we work in the same building only he’s on the 14th Floor. Isn’t that sweet…By the time I got down the lobby, it was crowded with people. Some went home, some just waited outside the building. Unfortunately for us, we were asked to come back and wwwooooorrrrkkkkk!!! Did I just say 6.1 Magnitude??!!! I wonder how the  laborers felt atop the towers being built and not to mention Burj Dubai..??

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