Finally, GM called me to his office. After 7 days of negotiations, he’s letting me go..Yipppeeeee…..

Now, we’ve moved on to the handover of responsibilities..He told me the news that they already have somebody for my replacement and the contract was signed..So, tuloy na tuloy na talaga..

He said I need to prepare myself for the handover, I thought kayang kaya naman yun but when he started enumerating all the things I need to prepare, dang! ang dami pala. I’m having thoughts na limited ang time ko to do this. Then he said that I’ll be here till 19 of Nov. My eyes got wide, I told him we have agreed on the 23rd of Oct. Hay discussions na naman….Then I said, “OK, I’ll stay until my handover is finished but provide me for my one way air ticket.” After a few phone calls, he said just finish it before 23rd of Oct. Grabee, ayaw pa ko gastusan till the last minute. Now I know sweet talk lang talaga lahat just to make me stay.

Eventhough my Ipod got lost today, it was compensated right away with the approval of my resignation. Finally..

I’m going to book and pay my ticket asap.

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to remove what’s blocking your way.”

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