IPOD NANO…lost..gone…no more

WTF!!! WTF talaga!!! This is one of those time that I consider changing my blog’s name. Feeling ko kasi I can’t live the One Fine Day status ng blog. But hey, we always have tough times paano naman magiging exciting ang buhay diba if we can’t deal with change. Here’s the story kung paano ko nawala si Ipod.

I went to CBD to close my accounts. I grabbed my wallet, cellphone and Ipod. I head straight to the Customer Service Rep na daig pa ang may sakit kung kumilos sa bagal. She then asked me to prepare some slips and head on to the teller. I put down all my things beside me then took a number for the teller. My number was called naman just after I was able to sit then on to the teller. He asked me to go back to the Customer Service Rep for some instructions and I was staring at her ITouch the same time I realized where my IPod was. I asked the security if he found anything that I left behind same with the teller and the guy sitting beside me. I asked for their security cameras he said we have to ask permission and arrange it with the banks manager.  

Hay naku…Nakakainis…8 months pa lng kami ng trusty Ipod ko. I considered it as my confidante and charger when I’m so drained after work. I drown myself to Hillsongs, Shawn Colvin, Lifehouse, Rnb’s, 747 by Kent, Eheads, Kyla, soundtracks and 8GB of my life that was stored.  The loss that I’m feeling right now nakakainis talaga. I spent so much time looking for those hard to find songs and videos and not to mention Isabel pictures. hhmmpp…

I sent a message to Mi Amour- “Nawala Ipod ko” and my cellphone rang. He asked so many questions….He knows how important my Ipod was to me. Arggh..I hate myself…

By the time I left the bank, I said a little loud but only myself can hear “Lord, whatever that guy needs, bahala na yung Ipod na magprovide sa kanya.” I did not look back I just walked till I reached the office again and called Mi Amour.

Now I realized closing an account cost me so much…

From now on, I will never leave with only my purse. I’ll make to stuff it all inside a bag..Now I need a BAG!!!!

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