Diversions…New Obsessions

Mi Amour left the country last week to prepare for our big move. I was left here for the second time but it’s just going to be awhile. I missed Mi Amour. The news of my sudden extension came out last week. We were dissappointed as I don’t know exactly how long the extension will be though they’ve mentioned 1 week, I don’t think I can trust them now. I have to re-book my tickets for Oct. 31 flight instead of 24.

To pass the time, I’ve started watching One Tree Hill. I vowed to finish Season 1 to 5 this month. Actually, this series will be a diversion away from missing Mi amour and Isabel and to my obsession with Edward Cullen and Twilight be it the book or movie. I finished reading New Moon and stopped on that though I have Eclipse and Breaking Dawn at hand. I was tempted to read the first chapter of Eclipse but I really have to stop now. I will read the books later or until after I’ve watched the movie. I’ve stopped googling Robert Pattinson’s name for now.

I finished the first season of One Tree Hill’s last night. I’ll be spending late nights with the gorgeous faces of Tree Hill particulary James Lafferty as Nathan Scott. 

For now, it’s going to be “GO Ravens!”

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